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Each of us are on a mission to achieve the things in life that will fulfill our spiritual, emotional, and financial needs. We understand that no two paths are ever exactly the same, and we do everything in our power to carve out the best way forward for ourselves.

While certain times in our lives may feel effortless and carefree, other days may leave us feeling the weight of the entire world resting squarely on our shoulders. Often, we find that overbearing work and a complicated personal life can act as a chain – holding you back and preventing personal growth and progress. I understand these truths because I have lived them myself, and I went through all of life’s trials and tribulations only to come out on the other side all the better for it. I’ve made it my life’s work to walk alongside others while they navigate their paths through life, and I share the knowledge and learnings I’ve gathered along the way to help others succeed in their businesses and their lives.

Zavanna Dova

Support & Guidance

The Warrior Mentality

Having battled for years before finally being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, to rerouting my entire career and starting over from scratch, I’ve climbed my way back and I understand the true meaning of the warrior mentality.

I am now able to unequivocally say that the journey I have had in life so far with blogging, content creation and entrepreneurship has left me even more motivated to take the next step and continue my own journey. My goal now is to connect with anyone who resonates with my mission and may be looking for the extra support and guidance they need to achieve their own successes in life.

Awaken The Spirit
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You already took the first step on your new journey. Now lets connect! Reach out to me directly as I would love the opportunity to help you on your own personal path to success, fulfillment, and happiness in life.

All queries are replied within 24hrs.

   I encourage you to spend time here as I've created this space to be a source of inspiration and motivation for everyone who visits. I also am beyond proud to showcase all the work that I am doing each day through my speaking engagements, mentorship program, and so much more!

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Having successfully had my own personal awakening experience, I now help you get down to the core of who you really are, and help you spiritually awaken the possibilities within yourself!


"We set a goal at the beginning of our Kickstarter campaign to raise a specific dollar amount for students around the world. After holding an event under The Sisterhood Of Influential Entrepreneurs, we were able to jumpstart our donation efforts and are now on track to surpass our initial goals! Zavanna and team were there every step of the way, and the rooms success was not only in the analytics, but also in the incredible feeling of care they gave us throughout the process."


"Our online fundraiser needed a platform to host the pre-event, and The Sisterhood was the perfect place to do so! Zavanna headlined the event as our keynote speaker and helped raise funds that will ensure children in Kenya are able to receive a quality education. The speech came directly from her heart, and was filled with personal stories, motivational wisdom, and packed with the energy and passion that only Zavanna can bring. We already have plans for Zavanna to continue supporting our mission into the future! "

Coach Krysty

"After receiving and amazing opportunity to have my own television show on a major broadcasting platform, I knew I needed someone with serious experience to generate massive excitement around the initial casting call. Zavanna was able to share her stories from the modeling and acting world, as well as offer advice on how to succeed in the industry. Her high energy, captivating shares, and motivational wisdom made the entire event an absolute success!"

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